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Awesome Websites for Writers

Finding the best websites for writers is virtually impossible because best differs for all of us. However, the point of this blog is to pass along the resources that I use as a writer and to discover new ones. Below are some of my favorite websites for writers with a quick description of each. Please leave me a comment if you can think of a good site to add to the list. You can also check out my previous post Websites for Writers from May for more great resources.

Copyblogger: I work for a digital marketing agency and write a lot of copy. I really enjoy the fresh, funny articles on Copy Blogger that are filled with great information.

Good Reads: This is a social network for readers. You can read reviews, chat with other readers, add friends etc. Good Reads is a great way to find awesome books and awesome readers. On a side note – if you’re looking for great places to buy a book, check out these independent Michigan bookstores.

Fiction Writer’s Mentor: Mentoring and advice from published author Tracey Culleton.

Ink Provoking: Keeping it fresh is imperative for writers, especially when you seem to stick with the same genre etc. This site has great writing prompts.

New Pages: This site is fantastic. At New Pages you will find writing contests, writers’ markets, submissions and other great stuff.

The Writers Manifesto: This is a blog about freelance writing with some good articles and tips.

Writing Forward: This site has it all: writing tips, exercises, grammatical info., and resources. Writing Forward also has great comment sections with more valuable information from writers.

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