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Holiday Book Giveaway

All right folks we’ve made it to December! Michigan is acting a little crazy this year and we’re seeing temperatures this week in the 50s. It’s kind of fabulous. I’m not one of those people that is desperate for snow over the holidays. I’m happy for the snow to hold off as long as possible.

To make the holidays extra fun, I’m giving away a bundle of urban fantasy books – real ones – with paper and stuff. Click on over to the December Book Giveaway Contest Page to get entered.

The Winner Will Receive

  1. Everneath by Brodi Ahston: Click here to see the book description on Amazon. This is a hardcover.

  2. Ula by J.R. Erickson (yours truly) This is a paperback copy and will be signed!

  3. Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross: Click here to see the book description. Also a hardcover

Thanks for checking out the contest. Happy December to you!

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