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Horror Podcast Interview

I recently did an interview with fellow horror author, Kirk Kilgrave on his podcast The Kilgrave Corner. Horror is an interesting genre that seems to encompass a wide-range of fiction. I generally don’t consider my novels horror, largely because they’re tame compared to some of the blood and gore books I’ve read in my day. I’m also a writer that leaves many of her characters still breathing at the end of the book. That being said, I’m a lifelong lover of the horror genre – books and movies both. I tend toward the horror that sends a chill up your spine rather than the type that leaves you unable to finish eating your cheeseburger.

It’s the chill-factor that I seek to include in all of my books, which is why I tend toward calling them paranormal fiction or ghost fiction. If you’re interested in hearing Kirk and I talk a bit about our work, but perhaps more importantly, about our true paranormal experiences, you can watch that interview on the video below.

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