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Summer Writing Contests and Submissions

Yes it is summer at long last. These are the few months that we endure cold, harrowing winters in Michigan for and they are absolutely worth it! That being said, summers are not the easiest time to write. Free time seems much better spent reading at the beach or swimming out to some sand bar to lounge like a lizard and watch the fat clouds roll by. If, however, you are more diligent than I, look below for some contests and markets open to submissions.

Contests: Creative True Crime Essays : Fee – $20: Prize – $1,000

Rattle Poetry Prize: Fee -$18: Deadline- Aug. 1st 2011 2nd Annual Contest: Submit poetry, fiction or nonfiction: Fee- $10: Deadline- Aug. 1st 2011

8th Annual Gival Press Short Story Award: Submissions of original, unpublished short stories: Fee- $25: Deadline- Aug. 8th 2011.

H.O.W. Journal is Hosting Three Contests: Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry: Fee- ranges from $5-$20: Deadline- Aug. 15th 2011.

Smartish Pace Erskine J. Poetry Prize: Fee-$5: Deadline- Aug. 15th 2011

Memoir Journal: Prize for Prose and Poetry, Graphic Memoir and Photography: No Fee: Deadline- Aug. 16th 2011.

Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest: Entry Fee- $4: Deadline- Aug. 31st 2011.


Cliterature: Theme is Madness: Submit up to ten pages of poetry, prose or creative nonfiction. Deadline: Aug. 12th

Spittoon Literary Journal: Accepts poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.

Specter Literary Magazine: Accepts fiction and poetry.

Subliminal Interiors: Accepts poetry, nonfiction and photography.

Extended Play: Accepts long pieces of poetry and prose.

Lyndsey D’Arcangelo My Story is Out: High School Years: High School stories by individuals 25 and younger. Deadline: Jan. 1 2012.

The Ides of March: Accepts poetry with a historical slant.

Heavy Feather Review: Accepts poetry, short fiction, photography, comics, creative nonfiction and hybrids.

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