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Trekking the Self Publishing Mountain

In April I am having a baby. This is a pretty big deal as life stuff goes and an especially big deal in my world because this will be my first child, which means I’m embarking on an entirely new adventure that I hadn’t necessarily anticipated for this lifetime. I’m excited and nervous and 10,000 other emotions that I probably don’t need to list since many of you may have already had the experience. One of the major changes underway is that I will be leaving my current jobs to care for the new little guy sharing our apartment. This pending change has inspired me to return to writing as a more full time gig. For the last couple of years – since Ula got published – I’ve been working primarily in the psychology/social work fields – in addition to teaching yoga. I’ve continued to write – my Born of Shadows sequel Sorciere is currently in edits with the publisher and I’m in the process of writing Book III; however, I have not been living as a working writer. I intend to change that.

How? Well that’s where it gets sticky. My love is fiction and that is always my primary focus; however, after publishing traditionally, I feel that self-publishing is most definitely worth a try. I have a novel that I wrote three years ago that I’ve just begun to edit. It’s in the chick lit genre and as far as self publishing goes, I am a novice. I’ve been on an information binge, consuming podcasts, articles and interviews about the self publishing process and to be honest, it’s a tad overwhelming. Despite the brain overload, I feel pretty excited and inspired by all of the success that self published authors are experiencing. I hope to share the journey with all of you and I would love your tips, feedback and insights as well. Thanks for reading and writing and Happy 2016!

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