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A paranormal witch series filled with mystery, new love and an enchanting world of magic. Abby feels like an ordinary girl, can she truly be a witch?


On a quiet morning in the sunlit forests of Northern Michigan, Abby discovers the body of a dead woman. She begins a journey to uncover a hidden magic that is woven into the fabric of her past, present and future. With the aid of Sebastian, the moody, blue-eyed stranger who’s plagued by the hauntingly similar murder of his sister, Abby and Sebastian embark on a crusade that leaves behind the realms of the ordinary world.


Guided by moonlight and the tattered journal of Sebastian’s murdered sister, Abby and Sebastian navigate the dark, turbulent waters of Lake Superior in search of a secret island that is home to the Coven of Ula. The island is no ordinary place, it is filled with magic, mystery and…witches.


Will the evil that stalks Abby reach her before she can unravel the secrets of her powerful destiny?


Ula is the first novel in the completed five-book Born of Shadows Series. Start Reading today!


The night of the The All Hallow’s Ball is fast approaching, the night when the witches of the world gather, the night when the veil between the living and the dead vanishes.


For a new witch, the Ball signifies a transition, an initiation of sorts, and Abby revels in the magic unfolding within and around her. Until she sees a spirit in the mirror, a spirit with a secret that she is desperately trying to tell, a spirit who looks an awful lot like Sebastian’s murdered sister. Abby searches for Sebastian, frantic to relay the message, but he is nowhere to be found. As night bleeds into dawn and the witches of Ula scour the castle for Abby’s human love, they come to the horrifying realization that he has vanished without a trace.


In Sorciére, Abby embarks on the mystery surrounding Sebastian’s disappearance. It soon becomes clear that there is deception in the Coven of Ula, a black widow in their midst and worse, a tragic prophecy that seems to hold Abby and Sebastian at the center of its power.


The curse is centuries old and according to the dark witch who lives in the forest, Abby and Sebastian are next in line.


Discover the magic in the captivating paranormal series: Born of Shadows. Start Reading Today.


For centuries an evil spirit has bided her time, waiting for the witch who can restore her to power. Little does Abby know, she is next in line.


A captivating journey into a world of witches and magic, start reading The Born of Shadows Series today.


Abby wants to focus on her new home with Sebastian, the child growing inside her and the magical world that she is only just beginning to discover. Instead, her thoughts shift back to the same question again and again: How do you break a curse? A curse that is ancient and deadly and woven into her very blood?


As Abby and the witches of Ula search for an escape from the dark forces surrounding them, the evil slips in the back door. Haunted dreams, deadly secrets and the sense that time is running out fill Abby’s days.


As the web of shadows grows thicker, Abby must question the motives of everyone, including the man she loves.



Kanti is the third book in the magical urban fantasy series: Born of Shadows. Start Reading today!


Don’t miss the thrilling fourth book in the Born of Shadow’s Series.


New to the world of witches, Abby is pregnant and desperate to destroy the curse that threatens to wipe out her barely-formed family.


Together with Sebastian, Abby and the witches of Ula travel to a mystical paradise that is home to the Sky Mothers-a mysterious coven of witches who possess a weapon they hope will end the curse once for all. However, a sinister world, destined to collide with their own, exists within the Sky Mother’s isolated forests. As the story of the curse’s origin unfolds, the truth of their enemy grows ever-tangled and lost in a sordid history of violence, passion and power.


For Abby and Sebastian, time is running out.


In the riveting finale to the Born of Shadows series, the curse that has haunted Trager City for three hundred years is about to end. Death will come for some, others will transform into beings of the night. Abby will face the ultimate sacrifice to save her daughter from a fate that has stolen the lives and loves of witches for centuries.

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