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Inspired by a chilling true story...

It’s the day of his ex-wife’s wedding when Dan makes the winding mountain journey to a remote cabin for an escape from the life that another man has stepped into.

Less than 48 hours into his reprieve, the forest tranquility is shattered when he looks through a telescope and witnesses the violent abduction of a young woman.

Dan springs into action, but there’s no evidence of an abduction nor reports of a missing woman.

That is, until Dan sees the missing person’s poster for Ivy Trent.

He’s sure it’s the woman he saw get kidnapped just days before. There's only one problem. Ivy disappeared ten years ago.

If you’re searching for a paranormal thriller that you’ll be reading with the lights on, grab Troubled Spirits today-the first in a series of stand-alone haunted mysteries inspired by true stories.

Interested in the true story that inspired Dark River Inn? Listen to my true crime episode covering the vanishing of Heather Teague here.


Inspired by a haunting true story...

When Rowan and her family move into the 1800s home nestled in the woods on a bluff near Lake Michigan, she's looking forward to a summer reprieve. However, she soon discovers that Helme House harbors dark secrets including people who have vanished from the house and never been found.

As Rowan digs into the history of Helme House a series of troubling experiences soon become deadly.

Helme House is the second stand-alone novel in the Troubled Spirits Series-where paranormal fiction meets true crime.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Interested in the true story that inspired Helme House?

Listen to my true crime episode about the disappearance of Joan Risch.


Inspired by an eerie true story.

Lorraine Hicks is fourteen-years-old when she watches her best friend, Beverly climb into a tree in the forest and never come back down. It’s a mystery that haunts her small town and embeds itself in Lorraine's life.

Fifteen years later, Lori is a grown woman, doing her best to move on from her troubled childhood. She reluctantly agrees to a night of camping, despite her secret terror of the woods. As she sits by a roaring bonfire, a man stands and tells the story of two fourteen-year-old friends who walked into the Manistee National Forest-only one of them walked back out.

The story is hauntingly similar to Lori’s own, and she embarks on a quest to discover if the two disappearances are linked.

As she unravels the truth behind the vanishings, she unearths a malevolence that forces her to question if evil truly exists.

Don’t miss this chilling paranormal murder mystery.


The Troubled Spirits Series are stand-alone paranormal murder mysteries inspired by true crimes.

Fifty years ago a diabolical plan was set in motion. It ended in murder.

In present day, Adam Tate is in a rush to build his wife’s dream home. She’s ill, and he lives with the looming fear that her days are numbered in months rather than years. As he digs the foundation for their new home, he makes a chilling discovery-long-buried skeletons. On impulse, he hides the grave and pushes it from his mind.

When Adam and his wife Holly move into their new home six months later, it becomes clear that Adam has awoken something that will not be silenced.

Step into a story of betrayal, murder, and voices from beyond the grave.


Inspired by a sinister true story....

On a desolate peninsula, Skelling Hall has stood for more than a century.

When Iris Walsh flees to the Upper Peninsula in northern Michigan, she’s grappling with some deeply disturbing truths. She seeks solace at her grandmother’s home and, for a time, she finds it.

But on a frigid winter night, Iris glimpses a man fleeing through the forest from a dark entity, and she crashes her car.

Iris is swept into a mystery that began nearly a century ago when two little boys walked into the forest on the Skelling Peninsula and were never seen again.

Don’t miss this chilling paranormal tale...

Each novel in the Troubled Spirits series is a stand-alone, paranormal murder mystery inspired by a true crime


A stand-alone paranormal murder mystery inspired by a disturbing true story...


Two years ago, Gloria Cline had the worst night of her life. A music festival deep in the woods near the Porcupine Mountains turned deadly when Gloria and her best friend, Wren went for a night walk.

Twenty-four hours later, Gloria was found barely clinging to life with a horrific story of being abducted and nearly murdered.

No trace of Wren was ever found.

Today, Gloria has walled herself into a safe world that relies on routine and familiarity. She doesn’t leave her apartment-ever.

But somehow evil has gotten in...

When another young woman vanishes, Gloria realizes her hazy recollection of her own near-murder may hold the keys to finding the woman before she suffers a similar fate.

Don't miss this chilling paranormal murder mystery.


A stand-alone paranormal mystery inspired by a chilling true story...

When Alley is chosen for a six-week writing residency in an isolated stone house, she’s elated. As a single, working mom, she’s spent most of her adult life caring for others. The residency is a dream come true and an opportunity to finish her memoir.

However, the idyllic Black Hollow Hideaway houses a disturbing mystery. Twenty-five years ago, a seventeen-year-old babysitter vanished from the house while watching a young boy.

She was never seen again.

As Alley unravels the twisted tale of that long ago night when the babysitter vanished, she encounters forces in the house intent on keeping the secret buried.

Need a spooky escape? Start reading Black Hollow Hideaway today.


Grave Devotion is a stand-alone paranormal murder mystery inspired by a true crime.

Not all love stories have happy endings…

For Kale Goodwin it’s love at first sight when he sees Annie working at the county fair. Darkly beautiful, she’s unlike anyone he’s ever met. There’s an electricity to her-something dangerous and magnetic.

Their love is fast and passionate. Kale is quickly swept away.

But when Annie calls on him for help, the innocence of their new love is shattered. Kale is forced to question everything he thought he knew about the woman he fell in love with.

In the days that follow, Kale is plagued by violent nightmares and dark visitors who drift in the shadows.

Looking for your next impossible to put down read? Pick up Grave Devotion today.


A chilling haunted house mystery inspired by a true crime...

For six long years, Max has avoided Draven, her hometown that holds the remnants of a ghastly accident. But when her brother dies, she is drawn back into the clutches of her haunted past.

In the wake of her family's shattered happiness, Max is caught in a nightmarish whirlwind of horrors that defy the laws of our world. The epicenter of these malevolent forces resides within the crumbling walls of an abandoned farmhouse, burdened by a sinister history.

The house harbors secrets, both old and new. Secrets that might just reveal the fate of a young woman who has gone missing. A woman with ties to Max’s own former life in Draven.

As Max digs deeper a series of unexplained deaths strecthing back a century, she comes face to face with an evil intent on destroying her.

Don't miss this heart-pounding paranormal murder mystery.

the scream sisters.jpg

A dark paranormal mystery inspired by an eerie true crime...

Teagan Kelso's freshman year takes a chilling turn when her best friend and roommate mysteriously disappears. Determined to unveil the truth, Teagan follows a trail of clues that all converge on the enigmatic sorority her friend was rushing. In a race against time, she must navigate a treacherous web of secrets, risking everything to uncover the sinister reality lurking beneath the sorority's glamorous facade. 

Don't miss this chilling ghost story.

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