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2013 Writing Contests

Writing contests are a fantastic way to discover new genres and reveal your writing to both the reading and writing communities. When searching for a writing contest, consider submitting something in a genre outside of your norm. It helps you to broaden your skills as a writer and also allows you to flex your craft and discover other interests beyond your typical stories or poetry. Many writing contests have specific themes, which can also bring focus where otherwise you might feel conflicted about what story to write. Choose a few contests below and make it your personal writing goal to be more open, more intuitive and more flexible with your writing. And perhaps most importantly don’t take it too seriously. Writing is an inward journey so be gentle with yourself and allow the words to flow…

2013 Autmumn House Poetry Contest: Deadline 6/30/13 2013 Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize: Deadline 6/30/13 Hunger Mountain Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize: Deadline 6/30/13 Literal Latte Short Fiction Contest: Deadline 6/30/13 Teachers and Writers Collaborative 2013 Bechtel Prize Essay: Deadline 7/1/13 Bard Fiction Prize for Published Authors: Deadline 7/15/13 The Cincinati Review Robert and Adele Schiff Awards in Poetry and Prose: Deadline 7/15/13 The 2013 Rattle Poetry Prize: Deadline 7/15/13 The 2013 Wasafiri New Writing Prize: Deadline 7/26/13 Dream Quest One Poetry and Writing Contest: Deadline 7/31/13 2013 Northwind Short Story Contest: Deadline 7/31/13 Subito Press Book Prize: Deadline 8/16/13

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