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A Guide to Using This Blog

Obviously I blog about jobs for writers. However, I started this blog as a resource for writers and I want to give everyone a quick overview on some of the resources that you can find here. Center Column – Current Blog Post: In the center of the blog, you will find the most recent posts. I do a lot of posts that are simply jobs for writers in michigan and telecommute writing jobs. Click on the job and follow the link to check out the job’s information. I also blog about a range of other topics from writing contests to writing tips. Top Left Column – Popular Posts: Here you find the post we’re currently in (How to Use this Blog) as well as popular blog posts. Click on a few and you will see great independent bookstores in Michigan where you can shop for books, look into getting your own books stocked there and setting up book signings. Other posts include personal essay help, tips for writing a short story, awesome websites for writers and markets to submit to.

Left Column – Writer’s Resources: These tabs (Peninsula Writers, Lundington Writers etc) are all links to writing groups and organizations in Michigan. They are awesome resources that connect writers in addition to hosting writing events, conferences, publishing chap books, organizing writing groups and a myriad of other activities that all writers should be a part of. Click on them, join some of the groups, volunteer etc. Networking, as challenging is it may be for the writer that loves solitude (like me), is extremely beneficial to the writing and, more importantly, to the publication process.

Left Column – Michigan Writing Conferences, Classes and Workshops: This is self explanatory and yet I am going to explain it. These are all classes, workshops and conferences held in Michigan throughout the year. I try to give event updates so that these also appear on posts, but clicking on them yourself is an easy and quick way to find upcoming conferences – many of which are held in spring and summer in Michigan.

Left Column – Writer’s Toolbox: Ah the beloved toolbox that all writers cannot live without. Here you will find prompts to get the creative juices flowing, grammar guides, query letter help and a quirky thesaurus among other things. Try to click them all once and if they’re useful for you – bookmark them.

Left Column – Michigan Markets: These are magazines, newspapers and websites in Michigan that you can send content to. Some of them accept articles, others shorts stories etc.

Left Column – Non Michigan Markets: Markets that are outside of Michigan that accept writer’s submissions.

Left Column – My Blog List: Blogs that I follow – most of which pertain to writing and have great writing advice. There are blogs by literary agents and self published authors to name a few. Also, I love to add new blogs by other writers so if you have one, leave me a comment with the link.

Left Column – Blog Archive: This is an archive of all the posts on this blog. Clearly the dates leave much to be desired in terms of “what are they about?” So I recommend that you use the Search Tab in the upper right column and just type in keywords etc.

Right Column – Info: This is simply a quick guide to the information that you will find on this blog.

Right Column – Search Box: Type in what you’re looking for and search this blog.

Right Column – Michigan Publishers: These are links to publishing companies that are located in Michigan.

Right Column – Follow by E-mail/Subscribe/Sociable: These are some of the ways that you can follow the blog and share it on other sites.

Right Column – Poets & Writers Blog: Read great blog posts from writers at Poets & Writer’s Magazine.

Right Column – Advice from Published Authors: I don’t know about all of you, but I really enjoy reading writing advice from published authors. Sometimes I just want to hear them talk about their own challenges and rejection piles. It helps me to put writing in perspective and takes book publishing out of the endless glossy aisles of Borders where someone has already written a book on every topic under the sun. Also the advice can be really beneficial, especially when it’s specific – so check them out.

Right Column – Subscribe and Sociable: These are just avenues that you can use to follow my blog or share blog post that you like or want to pass along to other writers.

Right Column – About Me: This is my little bio along with several other blogs that I keep including one that is about my own writing process and progress. I also recently started a new one that focuses on my fiction series Ula – which comes out later this year.

Right Column – Michigan’s Many Faces: I am a nature lover and in attempting to preserve this glorious space, I often take photos. Since this blog is for Michigan writers especially – I know that you too can appreciate our beautiful and volatile state.

Videos: The line of videos below the current posts are Youtube videos that offer writing advice. I try to change them frequently, but check some of them out because they are a lot like FREE writing courses, yes free.

In closing I just want to say that I truly hope this blog helps you find a job, get published or connect with other writers. I would love to hear from some of you and even more I would love for you to hear from each other. So if anyone is looking for a writer’s group – send me a message. If you have a writing event coming up or know someone who is doing a signing or having a book release party – let me know. I am happy to put it all here. Good luck and keep writing.

Novelists… fashioning nets to sustain and support the reader as he falls helplessly through the chaos of his own existence. ~Fay Weldon

Lake Michigan

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