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Ann Arbor Fiction Group

Hey Writers-

I have had some interest in the Ann Arbor – Ypsi area for a fiction writer’s group. Anyone interested? Writer’s Groups are an awesome way to get your work critiqued and meet other like minded writers in your area. They can also lead to connections down the road – so seriously consider it and they can be as causal or serious as you want.

My old group met once every other week for coffee. We read ten pages of each member’s manuscript, gave plot critiques and went on our way. If you want to get involved in a group, contact me and I can give you information for the other writer’s who want to partake. Also – if you’re reluctant to join because you’re shy – don’t be. That prevented me from joining one for a long time and when I finally did it, I regretted my procrastination.

Leave a comment below or e-mail me if you want to join a new group.

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