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Ashes Beneath Her Launch Contest

Ashes Beneath Her is live on Amazon! If you love murder mysteries, ghosts, and creepy asylums, the Northern Michigan Asylum series is for you. Don’t miss the third installment in this chilling new series inspired by the real Northern Michigan Asylum – later known as the Traverse City State Hospital. Check out my previous blog to get a peek inside this eerie former asylum.

Ebooks are great, but I’m still a lover of paperback books. I like a book I can read in the bathtub, and my Kindle feels like a risky choice in a tub full of soapy water. If you, too, love the feel of pages beneath your fingers, get entered in my Ashes Beneath Her Launch Contest. The winner will receive all three paperbacks in the series signed! These are stand-alone paranormal novels. They’re connected through the asylum setting, but each book involves different characters, mysteries, and eerie circumstances.

The Ashes Beneath Her Launch Contest

See what readers are saying about the books…

Some Can See: View it on Amazon

Chilling! I am overjoyed that there are more books to follow like this one. Good stories make you question the reality of your being and if what comes next is earned. -Amazon Reviewer


Calling Back the Dead: View it on Amazon

Shivers danced a tango when I read certain scenes in this book. I recommend you DON’T read it and then go to bed… You may have nightmares! Loved it! -Amazon Reviewer

Wonderful Series. I thoroughly enjoy this series! Great stories, great characters and really great location!! Being a transplant Michigander in my retirement years I’ve enjoyed Michigan so very much. -Amazon Reviewer.

Ashes Beneath Her: View it on Amazon

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