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Freaky February Book Deals

Ah February, that glorious month when we’re gifted with a day of Hallmark greetings, cardboard-box hearts stuffed with chocolate, and a two hour wait for a romantic dinner. Unless of course you’re single and then February 14th becomes when of those doom-filled days you avoid with vodka or a Netflix binge. Perhaps I’m being too cynical?

In truth, my husband and I don’t often pay much attention to Valentine’s Day. For the last several years, we’ve either been on a road trip – literally sitting in the truck for most of the day, or we’re on vacation somewhere warm and we’re barely aware that February 14th has come and gone. This year will be no different. I’m hopeful we’ll ignore the day by watching Avery (our son) chase seagulls on the beach.

My all-time favorite Valentine’s Day was many moons ago when an ex who will not-be-named took me to see the movie Hannibal Rising after we drank sugared up lattes at a coffee shop somewhere near Ann Arbor. There’s just something special about hunkering down in a dark theatre, shivering as the creepy killer grins diabolically on the screen.

In the times of quarantine, movie theatres might not be on the agenda, so I’m offering the next best thing – scary books! Yep, for the month of February, I’m running deals on two books in  the Northern Michigan Asylum Series.

Rag Doll Bones, described by readers as wildly imaginative and spooky, is on sale for 99 cents from today 2/11/21 until 2/17/21. Let Her Rest, described by readers as enthralling and suspenseful will go on sale for 99 cents from 2/22/21 until 2/28/21.

To really spice up your Valentine’s Day, hop over to the Dark River Inn Launch Contest. I’m giving away five signed paperbacks of my latest novel, Dark River Inn. A paranormal mystery inspired by a haunting true story.

So, there you have it, readers. Whether you’re crawling into bed with your partner or flying solo this year, take a spooky story with you. Who wants butterflies in their stomach when they could send shivers down their spine instead?

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