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Writing can be many things: a job, therapy, a new lens to view the world, a reflection on the past, an outlet. Whatever your reason for writing, it is important to stay true to yourself and your beliefs when producing content that goes into the world. This doesn’t mean that you have to skip basic content jobs or only write articles with profound messages, but it does mean that you should strive to use your gift (at least occasionally) as a way to support that which you believe in.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference in Traverse City. It was truly an inspiring and soul renewing experience and I left wide-eyed with the desire to pen articles and essays that reflected my own beliefs about the gradual collapse of our beautiful world. I live in a magnificent bio-region, surrounded by the Great Lakes, steep edged sand dunes and forests galore. I chose this place for all of the glorious life that thrives here and it is easy to forget that global warming is killing off very similar ecosystems all over the world. The Conference introduced such speakers as Jane Goodall, John Francis and Lynne Twist who, at times, cried during their extremely moving and heartfelt conversations. It is the kind of passion that is often missing in our modern day society of Internet, cell phones and TV. It is the kind of passion that can save humanity and that we, as writers, can use as the fire behind our words.

I am not saying that you must write about environmental concerns, but only that each of us should take time to seek within that which truly exhilarates us and from that place, we should spread our words. It is an entirely different process writing about something that pulls on your heart strings, from that place the words never die, no Thesaurus is necessary and the impact may literally be felt around the world.

Look below for a list of Michigan happenings that may stoke the fires of your soul and thank you always for reading and writing.

Domestic Violence Awareness Event: October 28: Grand Rapids

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