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Giveaway: A Michigan Writer’s Retreat

A few years ago, I went to an amazing retreat in Alcona County, Michigan, called The Lost Lake Writer’s Retreat. It happens in the fall of each year and includes a gathering of writers, musicians and poets for three days of workshops, readings and discussion of craft and inspiration.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with one sponsor of this retreat, Will St. John of Inspiration Alcona, because he’s been beta reading my novels before they’re released for years. I can’t convey how much his feedback has helped me on my writing journey. He offered me the opportunity to attend the retreat in 2019, and it was an amazing experience that I’ve intended to repeat; however, life stuff has prevented me from doing so. That being said, when I previously attended the retreat, I laughed and cried and was so uplifted I talked about little else for days afterwards.

This year I want to sponsor another creative to attend this fulfilling and inspiring weekend. Over the last few years, I’ve had amazing success with my books and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me on the journey to becoming a full-time author. I’ve been contemplating ways to give back to this exceptional community I feel so grateful to be a part of.

So, for this year, I’d like to send a writer to the Lost Lake Writer’s Retreat, which is happening October 6-9, 2022 in Alcona County, Michigan. (Yes, I know it’s little more than a month away, so make sure to apply ASAP).

This sponsorship is intended for a creative (writer/poet/song writer) who’s been wanting to attend a writer’s retreat, but the cost has been prohibitive.

The sponsorship pays for the entire retreat cost, which includes your lodging for the weekend, two breakfasts and lunches and a Sunday brunch, and all workshops and related events for the retreat. This is valued at around $600.

Transportation to the retreat is not provided and nor are dinners. There is a restaurant on site at the retreat center where you can purchase meals or you can drive into town.

This retreat takes place in a wooded community in northern Michigan. There are beautiful hiking trails if you want to soak up some nature during your weekend away.

Since the weekend retreat is little more than a month away, this process will have to move relatively quickly. I will announce the sponsored creative on Tuesday, September 20th. Please only apply if you’re sure that if chosen, you’ll be able to attend the retreat.

How to apply:

Send me an email at with the following information

Your name:


Where you live:

What creative work you do or are doing:

Why you want to attend the retreat:

That’s it- easy-peasy. Good luck and please share this if you know a writer who would benefit from this opportunity.

Retreat Details

When: October 6th-9th, 2022. The retreat begins with an evening reception on Thursday Oct. 6th.

Where: Lost Lake Woods Club at 4243 N. Lost Lake Trail, Lincoln, MI 48742

Directed by John D. Lamb (a very talented singer/songwriter) and founder of Springfed Arts.

Sponsored by Springfed Arts and Inspiration Alcona.

Presentations by Michigan author Michael Zadoorian, poet Leila Chatti, author/poet Kelly Fordon, and songwriter Julianne Ankley.

Want more details on the retreat? Find them here:

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