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Halloween and November’s Prize Announcement

Greetings! Michigan has officially shifted into the cold, blustery weather that we expect to see this time of year. We were still experiencing 70 degree days just a week or two ago so it’s taking some time to adjust – even if I did see it coming. Yesterday we celebrated Halloween with Avery – my eighteen month old. Dressed as a furry owl, he prowled the house handing candy out to family members and stared in awe at each trick-or-treater that came to the door. It was an awesome night.

I did a random drawing for October’s Reader’s Swag Giveaway this morning. The big winner was Paula R. from Missouri so she’ll be receiving her Edgar Allen Poe Mug shortly.

I also tallied the poll for the November Prize Survey  and more than half of the votes went toward a paperback copy of Ula: Born of Shadows so that will be November’s Prize. Thank you to everyone who participated and remember that you have to be a subscriber to my author mailing list (you can sign up here) in order to win the giveaway. Thanks again!

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