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Help Me Title My New Paranormal Book

As of this morning, I’ve reached 70,000 words in my current novel – hallelujah! I won’t say the end is in sight just yet because I still have research, deepening the characters, cover art, editing, a marketing plan and appeasing my other roles as a mom, wife, kitty littler scooper and so forth. However, I definitely start to breathe a little easier when the bones of the story are on the page. I’ve hit a snag though and I need your help. I don’t have a title for my new book and I can’t send my information to the cover artist until I have a title. Can you help me out?

Let me give you a bit of a synopsis so you have an idea what we’re titling here. The novel has a partial setting at the Northern Michigan Asylum – also known as the Traverse City State Hospital. The book will be part of a loosely related series and the series title will be Northern Michigan Asylum. It’s a paranormal story about a woman who sees spirits, and the novel spans several decades with multiple point-of-view characters. There’s a murder, which includes a mystery element. I know this is a terrible synopsis, but I haven’t completed the book and I’m not ready to reveal specifics.  Based on what I’ve mentioned, can you offer your suggestion on a title in the poll below? Thanks so much! I’ll keep you updated on progress as well as the title that wins the poll.

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