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Help Me Title the Next Northern Michigan Asylum Book!

Choosing a title seems like it would be one of the easiest parts of writing a book, right? I mean after finishing an 80,000 word manuscript, how difficult can it be to pick three words to put on the cover?

Turns out it’s pretty difficult. What story can be summed up in three words? How do we manage to convey the premise, the tone and the creepiness in less than a sentence? The short answer is we can’t, not really, but maybe we can come close.

That’s why I need your help. Many of you have read other Northern Michigan Asylum books, which makes you especially good at helping me choose a title appropriate for the stories in this series. For a bit of plot, this book delves into the backstory of the Northern Michigan Asylum and the heart of the evil that resides there.

With those elements in mind, please help me title the next book in the Northern Michigan Asylum Series. If you don’t love any of the titles below, feel free to offer your own.

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