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Help Me Title The Third Troubled Spirits Novel

In every series, I reach a book that I just can’t think of a title for. The first two Troubled Spirits novel titles were easy. Dark River Inn and Helme House are both major settings, so it made sense to title those after the locations. Unfortunately, the third book doesn’t currently have a space that I can easily title the book after.  I’ve written a short story that will be part of the novel. If you’re interested in reading that, you can find Tanglewood Drive here.

That being said, I need your help choosing a title. Like the others, this is a paranormal murder mystery inspired by a true crime. I believe this novel will have a larger supernatural aspect than the previous two, but only the actual writing will reveal that. However, I like to have the cover created early, thus I need the title long before the book is complete.

Please choose from the titles below – or if you have a title idea you think would be great, submit it. I’m open to suggestions.

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