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How is it Already November?

Is anyone else suffering from the sense that November just dropped on us from the sky? I mean, last night my husband wanted to watch Christmas Vacation and he brought Eggnog home from the grocery store. My mother-in-law sent me pictures of her Christmas decorations and my mom called to go over plans for Thanksgiving. Say what!? I get the feeling on some level that I’m behind the times this year. Launching the Born of Shadows Series has catapulted me into a funky time warp where Mondays feel like Fridays and October looks like a couple of pictures in my iPhone of colored leaves and pumpkins. In any case, the fun news is that Ula and Sorciére are both on Amazon – the publishing gauntlet for two books is now behind me and Kanti – Book 3 in the Born of Shadows Series is available on pre-order.

I have some fun stuff planned for giveaways this month and December including a bundle of paperback and hardcover urban fantasy books – an awesome Christmas gift if I do say so. Make sure you’ve subscribed to my newsletter to be eligible to win the giveaways – there will be more news to come.

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