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It’s Launch Time for Let Her Rest

Let Her Rest is finally here! I had hoped to publish the seventh book in the Northern Michigan Asylum Series in May, but family stuff, the global pandemic, and the reality of day-to-day life set me back a bit this spring.

On a positive note, advanced readers have been sending me their early reviews and they’ve been great, not to mention relieving. No matter how many books I write, I falter a bit when I send the book off to readers wondering how it will be received. Are the characters like-able? Is the plot interesting?

The Northern Michigan Asylum Series has been hugely fun to write, but as I dive into writing the eighth and final book in the series, I’m excited to explore a new story-line. I still haven’t nailed down what that will be, but I’ll keep you updated in the coming months.

One of my favorite parts of launching a book is running a launch contest. For the Let Her Rest Launch Contest, I’m giving away signed paperbacks to three winners. Sign up below for your chance to win.

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