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June Contest: Show Me Your Pets

I had grand plans of running a contest in June and then this morning, I realized that June was nearly over. But have no fear!I’m pulling together a last minute, super fun, totally unrelated to urban fantasy (except for the prize) contest. I am a lifelong lover of animals. Judging from my Facebook feeds, I’m not alone. So this contest is all about giving you a little bit of bragging space when it comes to your four-legged counterparts. One random winner will be chosen, but you have to post a picture of your pet in order to win. Sign up for the contest below and show off your fur babies! Enter the SHOW ME YOUR PETS GIVEAWAY Below.

UPDATE: You are automatically entered when you post a pic of your pet to My Facebook Page or on Twitter with #jrericksonspets. No additional entry is required; however, if you go through the entry box below you can send me links if you post multiple times and thus get multiple entries.

What’s the prize? I’m giving away two hardcover urban fantasy novels and a signed paperback copy of the first book in my series. The books include Fury by Elizabeth Miles, The Unnaturalists by Tifanny Trent and Ula: Born of Shadows by me (J.R. Erickson).

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