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October Reader’s Swag Giveaway

As an avid reader, I love reader’s gifts. I rarely buy them for myself, it’s just not as much fun, but I get so excited when I stumble across Harry Potter socks or book bags with poems by Shel Silverstein. So to satisfy my craving for quirky reader’s gifts, I’m going to give one away every month. This month, one lucky reader will receive this sweet mug covered in Edgar Allen Poe quotes – perfect inspiration with your morning caffeine fix. To get entered, just subscribe to my newsletter. I also include book updates, previews and other fun information about my journey. If you’ve already subscribed through social media or other sign-ups on my website, you’re automatically entered, so no need to sign-up twice. I’ll publish the winner here on my blog and also on my social media sites – if you’re comfortable having your name shared – I’ll email you fist to check. Happy Day to you! It’s Monday here in Northern Michigan and strangely 90 degrees in September, which is pretty well unheard of and totally awesome. If you’re in the area, I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine. Also- if you’ve come across totally awesome gifts for readers, share the link in comments, maybe they’ll show up in a future contest.

gifts for readers

          Coffee Mug Giveaway

“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte

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