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Scrivener for Novel Writing

Wow – what can I say? Scrivener is awesome. Mind you, I’ve been writing novels in a basic word processor for years so Scrivener is like transitioning from a bicycle to a spaceship. At least that’s been my experience so far. I downloaded the free trial of Scrivener a few weeks ago and it has seriously transformed my writing process. Being able to break down my novel easily into scenes, within chapters, within the entire manuscript – which is all easily seen and navigated to in a left side bar – saves a ton of time scanning back and forth through my document for previous scene information. I can’t really offer a post with all of the aspects of Scrivener that are great because I’m still pretty new to the software; however, if you’re writing novels and getting really bogged down in your process, consider trying out the free trial. Let me also add that I don’t have any affiliation with Scrivener or benefit in any way from posting about the software. I’m just so blown away by how much it has helped organize my novels and ideas that I wanted to share. I’ve posed a link to the free Scrivener download below as well as a video that I watched to get acquainted with the software. I hope that you get some great results from trying it out.

Video: Top Five Reasons Scrivener is My Favorite Writing Software (this is not my video)

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