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Tell Me About You!

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions in my poll. Basically, I just want to learn a bit more about my readers, and, honestly, I’m curious by nature, so I love learning about people and what they like. If you’re curious, I’ve listed my own answers to the poll below ! Thanks for checking out the poll and remember to subscribe to my news and updates if you want to hear from me once in a while about the goings on in my world.

 My Answers to the Poll:

-What genre do you read?

I mistakenly didn’t allow for multiple choices on the poll here, but I read paranormal, urban fantasy, literary fiction, thriller, mysteries, non-fiction (often yoga, spirituality, and psychology).

-How many books do you read a month?


-What makes you fall in love with a book?

The characters

-Ebook or Paperback?

I prefer paper books – I love to read in the bath and paperbacks can be dried out – Kindle’s can’t. I also like audiobooks.

-How old are you?

I’m in the 31-45 category – specifically 35

-Any fun goals or plans for 2018?

Lots! Specifically I would like to write and publish the last two books in the Born of Shadows Series and finish a book in a new paranormal series I’m working on.

-Tell me a few of your favorite things…

My family, Stephen King, the vegan chocolate chip cookies from Lucky’s Market in Traverse City, yoga, craft beer, leather bound journals, bath bombs, the teepee we got our toddler for Christmas, cats 🙂

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