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The Dead Tell Stories Giveaway…

It’s time for a giveaway to celebrate the launch of the Northern Michigan Asylum Series Boxed Set- Volume I. This boxed set includes eBook copies of Some Can See, Calling Back the Dead, Ashes Beneath Her and Dead Stream Curse.

It has been too long since I’ve meandered over here for an update, so before I post about The Dead Tell Stories Giveaway, let me tell you what’s been happening in writing things. Ashwood’s Girls has now released in eBook, KU, paperback and most recently in audiobook. Matt Haynes narrated Ashwood’s Girls and did an amazing job capturing this spooky haunted house story that takes us from present day into a chilling mystery that happened fifty years ago in northern Michigan.

My current work-in-progress Still Falling, the fifth book in the Troubled Spirits Series is slated to launch in February. I’m in the final stages now with a plan to send it to the editor by early February. If you want to make sure you’re aware of book launches, new giveaways and other happenings in my life, make sure you’re on my Reader Team here.

Now onto The Dead Tell Stories Giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a boxed set full of creepy gifts including a signed copy of Some Can See, a home sweet haunted home hand towel, two spooky handmade soaps, a spider candle, socks, grave digger tea, bookmarks and chocolate.

I’ll also be doing additional paperback giveaways on Facebook and TikTok. You can find those by visiting my profiles below.

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