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The True Ghost Story in Dark Omen

Some of you might remember that I put out a call for true paranormal stories a while back, with the intention of fictionalizing one of your stories and incorporating it into Dark Omen – the sixth book in the Northern Michigan Asylum Series. In the end, I chose a story submitted by Scott R. from Buchanan, Michigan.

If you’ve read Dark Omen, you’ll recognize the story as the man in the blue tuxedo. If you haven’t read it, don’t worry the story offers no spoilers for the novel. You can read Scott’s true paranormal experience below.

Thank you again, Scott for contributing your truly creepy experience to Dark Omen.

Scott R.’s True Ghost Story

Many years ago, I went with 3 friends to see the Rolling Stones during their ‘Steel Wheels’ Tour.  We left South Bend, Indiana, about 8 in the morning, spent the day heading north through Chicago, relaxing, and getting psyched for the concert. 

After the concert ended, we headed back to Northern Indiana.  Of course, it was late (Around 1 in the morning), and we were faced with a long drive.  The driver didn’t like anyone else driving his car, so he insisted on doing all the driving.  I was riding shotgun, and he was starting to fall asleep – he mentioned that, if we could get to State Street in Chicago, he knew a 24 hour coffee shop where we could get some caffeine, but he wasn’t familiar with the northwest area where we were driving.  I knew that 64 North Avenue ran east, all the way into Chicago, and he was confident he  could find the shop from there. 

At this point, the 2 of us were the only ones left awake, and 64 North gets pretty deserted at this time of night.  For the next 30-40 minutes or so, I swear we never saw another car – it felt like we were the only ones left.  When we got to State street, he turned south, and I relaxed, knowing he was confident at this point where we were. 

Driving down State street, nothing but the occasional stop light, it got… mesmerizing

That’s when it happened.  I saw an old, African American gentleman in a powder blue tuxedo, complete with a big fluffy ruffles and a blue bow-tie, walking across the street.  He seemed to be walking right toward us.  The driver didn’t notice him, and he didn’t seem to notice the driver. 

I was thinking, “He’s got to stop, there’s no way he doesn’t see us.” 

At the last second, our car hit him, he bent over double, slid right up the windshield as I looked into his eyes and….  Disappeared.

I sat straight up in my seat, shaking and sweating, looked over at the driver, and he was continuing on as if nothing happened.  5 minutes later, we stopped at the coffee shop, had a cup and headed back to South Bend.  I never told anyone in the car, and NEVER slept the rest of the way back.

I still swear I was awake at the time.  Or was I?  To this day, I don’t know.  But I still remember that poor man’s eyes when he slid up the windshield.

And there you have it. When I first read Scott’s story, I got a chill imagining driving a desolate road late at night and this strange man sliding up the windshield and disappearing. Creepy indeed!

Have a paranormal story you want to share? Email me at

Happy Reading!

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