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Write or Die: Writing Contests for the Summer of 2014

I have a wonderful friend who has begun to write seriously during the past few years, I’ve written about him on this blog previously. Two years ago, he didn’t even believe that it was possible that he could finish a short story, let alone see it published. Now he’s publishing a story almost every other month and even getting paid for some of them. When we first started talking regularly, he found it inspiring that I’d published a book and this inspiration, in part, propelled him to start writing. These days, he is the inspiration for me and the truth is that his secret is very simple. He writes. He writes stories, edits and submits them and he does something nearly every day. We writers love to lament our many reasons for not putting the pen to the page, but give yourself permission to drop the excuses, find a space of stillness today and just write… Pressgang Prize: Deadline 5/30/14 Cloudbank Poetry and Flash Fiction Contest: Deadline 5/31/14 Creative Nonfiction The Memoir Issue: Deadline 5/31/14 American Short Fiction Short Story Contest: Deadline 6/1/14 Split Lip Magazine Chapbook Contest Deadline 6/1/14 2014 New American Fiction Prize: Deadline 6/15/14 Pulp Literature Magpie Award for Poetry: Deadline 6/15/14 Jewish Literary Journal Competition for Fiction, Poetry and Creative Nonfiction: Deadline 6/15/14 Vallum Magazine Award for Poetry: Deadline 6/15/14 Lucille Clifton Poetry Prize: Deadline 6/15/14 Literary Juice Flash Fiction Contest: Deadline 6/30/14 Bacopa Literary Review: Deadline 6/30/14 Blue Lyra Review Contest for Nonfiction and Long Poem: Deadline 6/30/14 Matrix LitPop Awards: Deadline 7/1/14 The Rattle Poetry Prize: Deadline 7/15/14 Fairy Tale Review Prose and Poetry Contest: Deadline 7/15/14 Stone Canoe Journal Annual Prize: Deadline 7/31/14 Blue Earth Review Flash Fiction Contest: Deadline 8/1/14

The Geist Tobacco Lit Writing Contest: Deadline 9/1/14

I didn’t start out writing to give children hope, but I’m glad some of them found it. -Beverly Cleary

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