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Writer’s Cafes, Coffee Shops and other Hideaways

The Great Lakes State has more than beautiful scenery to inspire the writer’s mind. Visit nearly any town and you will find a quaint bookstore, cozy coffee shop or perfect writer’s nook tucked away in a library, cafe or park. I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites (with a few extra that I’ve never visited) to add to your own arsenal of writer’s retreats outside of the home. Please feel free to let me in on any others that you think should be added to the list.

Horizon Books: Traverse City: Horizon is an amazing tri-level bookstore in downtown Traverse City. Grab a cup of coffee and head downstairs where there are plenty of tables for reading, writing and even meeting with writer’s groups. (books, coffee shop, free wifi, ample seating)

Gone Wired Cafe: Lansing: Located on Michigan Avenue, this cafe is fantastic. Choose from giant old fashioned booths or rickety little tables that overlook the main floor. It’s eccentric, vacuous and milling with interesting characters for your next book. They also make a great french press coffee and have a full menu. (coffee, food, ample seating, free wifi)

Rendezvous Cafe: Ann Arbor: Great coffee shop for writing since they have delicious food, heavy coffee, lots of space and long hours. Take your laptop, have one of their signature crepes and blast out a few thousand words. (free wifi, full menu, ample seating)

Bestsellers Books and Coffee: Mason: Stroll through downtown Mason and you’ll stumble across Bestsellers, a bookstore and coffee shop combo. Sit in the window and you’ll have a front row view of the historic courthouse with its wide green lawns. (food, coffee, wifi, views)

Roast and Toast: Petoskey: Delicious coffee, trendy atmosphere and comfy seating makes Roast and Toast the perfect place to write away the afternoon. (free wifi, food, coffee)

The Raven Cafe: Port Huron: This cafe gives new meaning to one stop shop. Not only is the cafe architecturally gorgeous with exposed brick and gleaming hardwood floors, but they offer a full menu, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, great coffee and free wifi. (food, coffee, wifi, ample seating)

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