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Writing Contests: Summer 2015

There’s really no end to the many avenues that writers have to improve their skills in the realm of writing. Blogs, articles, short stories, writer’s prompts, novels and even greeting cards offer us a seemingly endless supply of ways to pluck from our imaginative pool and twist our words into a stream of prose meant to delight, inform or even terrify our readers. Contests provide us with an opportunity to meander off our finely beaten writerly paths and foray into a new genre – perhaps with a bonus at the end of publication or prize. Try your hand at one of these upcoming writer’s contests below….

TLR Prose Poetry Contest: Accepts prose poems. Deadline 8/1/15 The Barthelme Prize for Short Prose: Accepts poetry, flash fiction and micro-essay. Deadline 8/31/15 The Sixth First Line Contest: Accepts starter sentences. Deadline 9/1/15 NANO Fiction Prize: Fiction works of 300 words or fewer. Deadline 9/1/15 Cahoots Collaboration Contest: Must include a literary element. Deadline 10/1/15 War and Peace Fall Essay Contest: Accepts essays up to 3,000 words. Deadline 10/12/15

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